Who’s Who

Consonance Entertainment is made up of exceptional musicians and professional technicians who come from different backgrounds but share a mutual passion and love for the creation of entertainment. Our team works together day and night preparing for performances in order to make sure whichever client we work with is happy and completely satisfied with our live entertainment. Check out the faces that make up our team and contact us to enquire more.




Adarsh’s unique husky yet soothing voice has given Consonance an edge on bringing together Eastern aspects of world music and bridging them together with today’s Western genres. Thus giving the audience the joy to listen to a perfect amalgamation and blending of culture and tradition. Adarsh has part taken in many vocal competitions around Australia such as X-Factor 2013, Indian Australian 2016 and UNI Voice 2012. Along with singing predominantly in English, Adarsh's multilingual proficiency allows him to showcase his vocals in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. Adarsh has most recently won the Fastrack Singing Competition of Melbourne.




A renowned female voice within the South Asian community of Melbourne, Lakshmy has performed at many prestigious venues and cities such as Doha and Mumbai. The sweetness in her voice, yet the raw empowerment of it makes her one of the most sought after vocalists in Melbourne. Her versatility is showcased by her ability to sing in various languages and genres. She is competent in singing Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and English songs. Lakshmy was also the winner of Indian Australian Idol, and was subsequently invited by ME TV India to perform a song composed by renowned Academy Award winning composer A. R. Rahman.



Vocal / Electric Guitar

Being one of Australia’s finest exponents of the mandolin, Keshav has received many accolades from visiting international artists on his competency to not only accompany but lead with his silky-smooth touches with velocity on the mandolin. He is the disciple of the world-renowned mandolin maestro, Late Mandolin U Shrinivas. Furthermore, Keshav has sought to implement these attributes onto his electric and acoustic guitar, thus adding a funky, soulful flavour. He is another multilingual lead singer for Consonance, in an array of languages. This enables him to sing comfortably in English, Spanish, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu. He along with Srikanth and Lojen are the backbones behind the music arrangements of Consonance. Keshav has heavy influences in Carnatic, Hindustani and Bollywood forms of music which continue to help him expand his musical enterprise, performing and recording.



Piano / Acoustic Guitar

Srikanth’s deftness with the piano and acoustic guitar adds more colour and warmth to Consonance. Having been profound in audio recording and production he has collaborated with many freelance artists across the world in producing music. As the younger brother of prominent Indian film singer, Vandana Srinivasan, Srikanth also continues to work closely with her on her forthcoming projects. Consonance has produced several audiovisual projects which have been mixed and mastered by Srikanth.



Drums / Percussion

Keeping the beat for Consonance is the ever so humble Acktshan. Being an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, his western drumming adds life to various bands in Melbourne and Sydney in both western and contemporary Indian styles. His natural flair for percussion has allowed him to become a vibrant bass guitarist. Acktshan, has a strong South Indian percussion influence and is known for his sensitive accompaniment on the mridangam for Carnatic music and subtle dexterity.



Acoustic Guitar / Percussion / Keyboard

Another multi-instrumentalist, Ravi has expertise in both rhythm and melody making him a vital element to Consonance’s music. Like most of the members, Ravi has a rich heritage of Hindustani, Qawwali, Devotional and Ghazal styles. He formally learnt Harmonium from his father and is now acclaimed to be one of Australia’s most sought-after Harmonium artists. He also evidently displays his Harmonium skills on the keyboard. Ravi is also a proficient tablaist and acoustic guitarist, having provided accompaniment to many local and visiting musicians. He has performed in the 2018 Moomba and St Kilda Festivals. His soulful, live vocal harmonies are worth looking out for.



Bass Guitar / Keyboard

Dropping the bass line for Consonance is Krishna Raghunathan. Krishna’s funky bass guitar aligns and keeps his band members locked in the groove. Krishna is Australia’s sort after south Asian bassist for many touring international artists. Krishna holds a music degree in performing arts on the double bass from Monash University. Krishna continues to play keyboard and eastern flute whenever he is called upon.  A sublime naturally gifted musician who plays a variety of genres and has keen ear for improvisation.



Drums / Percussion

Lojen is the founder and the energy behind Consonance’s lively music. Being a percussionist, Lojen’s passion for drumming developed at a young age through Carnatic Music (Classical Indian music). Strongly influenced by South Asian percussion, he has accompanied some of India’s leading classical and Bollywood artists, and performed with their ensembles as a Mridangist and Tablaist. Lojen is an accomplished freelance percussionist playing with various bands and groups around Australia, in the genres of Afro-Latin, Cuban, Reggae, Arabic Eastern Blends, Western Soul and Eastern Fusion. Lojen has collaborated with various artists both interstate within Australia and internationally in Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Singapore, UK and Brazil. This has allowed him to grow and explore his knowledge and competencies in Drums, Congas, Djembe, Darbuka, Tabla and Mridangam.

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